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While it may be easier to train your dog when they’re a puppy, it’s never too late to take steps toward easing their anxiety, correcting their behavior, and ensuring they’re comfortable and well-trained in your home and around your children, friends, and guests. Five-Star K9 Trainer is fully equipped and experienced to address all dogs’ common behavioral issues. I’m ready to help you make your dog a happy, emotionally healthy, and well-adjusted addition to your home. We offer training for a full range of behavioral issues.

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“We had the pleasure of working with Blas for our 3 dogs (two chihuahuas and a yorkie). I really thought it would not be possible, but I admit it worked. Three senior dogs walk better on leashes, they don’t bark for the door bell or the random gust of wind that blew a leaf, they spot and stay when needed. We can’t thank Blas enough for his hard work and love that he put into the training program. Highly recommend!”

Amanda Perez

“Blas has done a fabulous job in “training me.” Not a novice to dog training and dog trainers, it was a pleasure to work with him through the process of helping me and my GSP through the rough phase of food and resource aggression. Thank you!”

Christina Bracken

“Absolutely worth the time and every penny. Blas helped us quickly learn how to properly correct what we thought was impossible behavior He likely helped us save our dog’s life. We were blown away at how quickly we stopped the barking and mayhem caused by the doorbell. Cat and delivery people are no longer distractions and triggers of aggressive behavior. This outfit is legit, and staff like Blas are hard to come by these days. They really care and it shows in their results.”

Charles Benson

Professional Dog Training

I have a passion for helping people to effectively communicate with there dogs providing a long lasting relationship! A well trained dog is a happy home.

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